Joathan Pitts-Wiley

Artistic Director

Jonathan Pitts-Wiley, a graduate of Yale University, has been involved with many of the company’s productions as a director, writer, and actor. Spme of those credits include: The Spirit Warrior’s Dream, The Baghdad Tale of Romeo and Juliet, Moby-Dick: Then and Now, The Tempest, Art of Attack, King Lear, Misery’s Fiend: Frankenstein, Great Holiday Traditions, and Dutchman which was rewarded top 10 show of 2017. Jonathan wrote and directed the critcally-acclaimed When Mahalia Sings, a play dealing with the life and times of gospel great, Mahalia Jackson. His most recent works include Shakespeare in the Spirit and Legends in the Mist.

Jonathan is a teacher in the humanities department at Moses Brown School and he coaches lacrosse. He is also a gifted writer and photographer.